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About Us

wasp_logoIn the present ecosystem of Kerala, the Agriculture sector is the one totally neglected. The very existence of people in this sector is threatened by diminishing soil fertility, crop loss, decrease in product value, scarcity of labour, technology and equipments along with marketing problems. Varieties of edible crops once cultivated are now not heard of. So is seed and traditional cultivation system. We are dependent than self dependent. Livelihood of the new generation has deviated from agriculture. So it is inevitable that with our technology, manpower, sources and co-operation agriculture stability, food security and self reliance of Wayanad can be restored.

About Company

  • Wayanad Agriculture &Spices Producer Company Ltd. Is registered under the Company Registration Act. 1956 of the Central Government.
  • The share value will be `1000/- per share.
  • Deposits will be collected from shareholders towards working capital.
  • A Governing Body will be elected from among the shareholders having one vote each.
  • Dividend on the basis of transaction will be paid.
  • As per company rules, the accounts will be audited by approved auditors and got approved in the Annual general body meeting.
  • For implementation of projects/schemes, financial assistance and grant-in-aid will be arranged from Government, NGO’s, Nabard and banks by the Company.
  • The promoters of the Company are well experienced and skilled in various sectors/fields (Agriculture, Construction, politics, Media, Development, Education and Social activities)


  • Follow lands to be made fertile and cultivable
  • Ensure food security through organic cultivation.
  • Promote various food crop cultivation.
  • Establish food crop cultivation, processing and marketing.
  • Promote collective farming.
  • Establish skilled labours groups and make available their services to farmers.
  • Increase local labour opportunities.
  • Formulate projects to increase income of small and marginal farmers.
  • Create awareness on the significance of agriculture among the society, especially to the new generation.
  • To protect water resources through paddy cultivation.


  • Start organic farming in fallow lands.
  • Cultivate traditional paddy viz. Gandhakasala, Chomala, Atukkan, Veliyan, Jeerakasala, Chennellu, for seed production.
  • To identify fallow lad with the help of local self Governments And farmers and to cultivate paddy with their co-ordination.
  • Cultivate traditional paddy, tubers, vegetables and fruits, in consideration to soil fertility, irrigation and transporting facilities.
  • Make maximum use of agricultural machineries.
  • Process the crops to make value added products and market it as branded items.
  • Form farmers organization and to train them, as the cultivation is based on soil fertility and water conservation.
  • Activists of these organization will be paid reasonable remuneration by the company.
  • To establish agricultural activities loans and grants from Govt. NGO, Nabard and Banks will be arranged on company’s responsibility.
  • A skilled labourers force will be organized and their service rendered to farmers for various agricultural works of Wayanad Dist. All registered farmers of each Block can have their service for a fixed fee.
  • Students, unemployed persons, those who are interested in cultivation etc. can participate in hourly basis.
  • Implement Agro Service Centers with latest agricultural machineries.
  • Jack, Mango, Local fruits and vegetables that are plentiful in Wayanad. District. Will be procured and cultivated with the help of local organizations (Kudumbasree units, Farmers Organization, Haritha Sangam, JLG groups0 and processed to make value added products and market as branded items.
  • Create awareness on the rights of farmers and to interfere in the activities of the three tier Panchayaths and other agencies.
  • Produce and market varieties of high quality Organic manures and insecticides.

Present Directors

1. V. L. Ajayakumar Chairman
2. E. G. Joseph Managing Director
3. P. A. Devassia Director
4. A. P. Sreekumar Director
5. C. Sundaram Director
6. Alice Joseph

Jhobby P K- CEO  9447 305 309