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Paddy producer company reaps its first harvest.

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Wayanad Agriculture & Spices Producer Company Private Limited (WASP), the state’s first producer company formed to promote paddy cultivation, went into harvest mode on Monday by reaping their first crop. The company formed by a group of traditional farmers and agriculture experts to reclaim the fallow lands of the district harvested the indigenous rice varieties like Gandhakasala, Paluthody, Adukkan, etc, which was cultivated in six acres……
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  1. Inasu Kanjirathingal February 21, 2018 Reply

    I am purchased

  2. Inasu Kanjirathingal February 21, 2018 Reply

    I purchased yor Kabani rice from BIG MART Nettoor was very tasty & advisable.but unfortunately I don’t have purchase for the second time due to out stock of your L humbly request you to arrange the needful.otherwise arrange me personally 10 kg if you can through parcel or something.
    INASU Kanjirathingal

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